Information about Joonsung IP & Law Firm patent attorneys can be found here.

Representative Patent Attorney / Doctor of Engineering / MBA / Master of Law LEE, JOONSUNG

- Received a Present Prize of R &D IP Council (2016)

- Obtained ‘S’ grade in Large Business Group Performance Utilization Support Project (the field of IT), 

   the Research Performance Utilization Promotion Agency (2015)

- Online lecturer and mentor relating to creative economy town and intellectual property rights

- Obtained ‘S’ grade in Research Performance Business Support Project (the field of NT), the Research 

   Performance Utilization Promotion Agency (2015)

- Won the grand prize (1st prize, a Commissioner Prize of the KIPO) at the competitive exhibition for governmental 

  R&D patent technology trend investigation and patent analysis methodology, the Korea Intellectual Property 

  Strategy Agency (2013)

Obtained ‘S’ grade in evaluation of Business Execution Organizations in High Technology Components and 

  Materials, the Korea Intellectual Property Strategy Agency (2012)

Received a plaque of appreciation from President of Gangwon-do Human Resources Development Institute 

  (Excellent lecturer)

Received a plaque of appreciation from President of Gangwon-do Business Promotion Agency (raising of 

  awareness regarding intellectual properties and development of knowledge industry of Gangwon-do)

- Received a plaque of appreciation from Incheon Mayor (support for creation of intellectual properties targeted 

  for small and medium-sized businesses in Incheon Region)

Won three official commendations from the Commissioner of the KIPO (Government R & D Support Business, 

   Intellectual Property Management Consulting and Intellectual Property Talent Donation)

- Acquired a license for technology transfer agent

- Passed 45th Patent Attorney Examination with the highest score in semiconductor engineering





     -    Executive MBA (Entrepreneurship) Aalto University (Helsinki School of Economics, HSE), Finland 

     -    MBA (Finance) Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies  

     -    Visiting researcher at the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) in Japan


-    Visiting researcher at Virginia Tech in U.S.A.


-    Master of Laws, Chungnam University (graduated with the highest mark)


-    Bachelor of Laws, Korea National Open University


-    Postdoc. of UC Berkeley, U.S.A. (Bioengineering)


-    Postdoc. of UC Berkeley, U.S.A. (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)


-    Doctor of Material Engineering, KAIST


-    Master of Material Engineering, KAIST (graduated with the highest mark)


-    Bachelor of Material Engineering, KAIST


-    Gyeonggi Science High School (currently, Gyeonggi Science High School for the Gifted)


-    Managing partner & representative patent attorney, Joonsung IP & Law Firm (present)

-    Representative of IPist Co., Ltd. (present)

-   Consultant (evaluation committee) of the Territory Traffic Science Technology Promotion Agency, the Korea   Industrial Technology Promotion Agency, the Korea Research Foundation, etc. (present)

-    Member/consultant at Nano 2020 Business Forum (present)

-    Consultant at Yozma Group (Present)

-    Consultant in Preliminary Feasibility Technical Evaluation, the Ministry of Science and ICT (present)

-    Member of Science and Technology Forum (The Korean Academy of Science and Technology)

-    Expert member in the knowledge-based sector under Presidential Council on intellectual Property and ad hoc   expert member for improvement of industry-university cooperation research agreements

-    Expert member of Presidential Advisory Council for Science and Technology

-    Deputy director in the Intellectual Property Policy Division of the National Intellectual Property Planning Bureau, the Office of the Prime Minister

-   Deputy manager in the Industrial Property Management Support Division, Performance Management Team, Innovation and Human Resources Dept., Development of Intellectual Property Human Resources, the KIPO

-   Examiner at Semiconductor Examination Division, Business Model Examination Division, Electric Examination Division, and Image Device Examination Division, the KIPO

-    Senior researcher of Samsung Electronics (semiconductor) for development of flash memory (for inventions of “super S” grade patents)