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Patent Attorney/MBA Kim, Young Hee

- Research performance analysis and suggestion of directions in research for global frontier business (2016)

- Task on patent trend investigation in multiscale research group wearable organic solar cell technologies (2016)

- Task on technical marketing and consulting, the Research Performance Utilization Promotion Agency(2016)

- Government R&D patent planning support business_indoor positioning/tracking, the Korea Intellectual Property 

   Strategy Agency (2016)

- Patent research and analysis, Philoptics Corporation vs LIMO (2015)

- Patent trend analysis of hole transporting material and transparent electrode, Gwangju Institute of Science and 

   Technology (2015)

- Patent invalidity search for gas valve for harmful gas incinerator, Ecopro Co., Ltd. (2014)

Technology innovation IP integrated solution support business, the Korea Intellectual Property Strategy Agency 


- Patent infringement analysis, NKTECH Co., Ltd. vs Material Science Co., Ltd. (2013)

- Risk investigation and invalidity search for ferronickel, POSCO Co., Ltd. (2012)

- Risk investigation and invalidity search for graphene surface treatment, POSCO Co., Ltd. (2012)

- Passed 46th Patent Attorney Examination (2010)


- Techno-MBA, KAIST (majored in MIS)

- Bachelor of chemistry, KAIST 


- Partner, Joonsung IP & Law Firm (present)

- Patent attorney, MAPS Intellectual Property Law Firm

- Patent attorney, Kwan Ho Shinn & Associates

- Patent attorney, C&S Patent and Law Office

- Partner & patent attorney, E-Sang Patent & Trademark Law Firm

- Consultant at i2 Technologies Korea Co., Ltd.

- Researcher at Central Research Institute of Samsung Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.